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ADA Noncompliant Licensing Reform & Free Physician Support Help Line: Dr. Mona Masood

January 22, 2023 Liz Treynor, MD Season 2 Episode 1
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ADA Noncompliant Licensing Reform & Free Physician Support Help Line: Dr. Mona Masood
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Dr. Masood founded Physician Support Line, an anonymous psychiatrist-staffed hotline available to any physician in need -- no stressor is too small or too large.   The  COVID crisis brought physician mental health issues to the forefront and  was the critical event leading to the founding of this hotline in March of 2020.

Physician Support Line is 1-888-409-0141 and staffed 8am-midnight EST weekdays.

Check out Dr. Masood's Instagram handle ,  Shrink.Rapping (great pearls on there!)



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Welcome to Mind Surfer MD.I'm your host, Dr. Liz Treynor, and my mission is to normalize discussions about mental health and provide resources to those of us who are riding the waves. So let's dive in.

Hi everybody! I am so excited to welcome Dr. Mona Masood to speak with us today.

She is the very courageous founding member of the physician support line and a psychiatrist who started this anonymous hotline, which is supported by volunteer psychiatrists. Thank you for joining me today. 

So I noticed physician support line started when Covid started to get in full swing.

That it, that it, it started in about the middle of March of 2020, is that right? Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Yeah. It, it, it did. Um, and it's interesting cuz now it'll kind of, you know, March of 2020, I think for all of us has, you know, has always remain in our memories as a start of covid 19. And, um, yeah. And it was also, Somehow, and I think it makes sense that it was also the start of the physician support line.